Episode #3 - Cute hottie learns how to squirt

Doc decided to earn money using his knowledge of how to bring heavenly desire to the women. And he put his ad in the internet. Kristina found his ad and despite her confusion, she wanted to try squirting herself. Doc met her and calmed down. She was burning from desire, and soon she managed with her confusion. Doc did his best to make Kristina satisfied, and he used all his skills in delivering pleasure. First he fucked her with his fingers and then he used his huge dick to make her satisfied. Kristina has never imagined that this could be so good, and she took Doc's business card. She will return to him for sure.

Horny Doc brings heavenly pleasure to the beautiful women, taking some payment for his unusual service. He knows the methods of how to use his skills and some extra vibro-massaging device to get the desirable result for sure. The sexy women have never experienced such powerful orgasms before - they squirt and cum and beg for more. None of the stunning girls leaves unsatisfied. They will come back to him for sure, and will advice their friends how to get their portion of unbelievable satisfaction.