Episode #1 - Sexy brunette squirts and gets fucked

Once Vince has told his friend that he is really great in sex, and he can even make his girlfriend squirt. Dodik has never seen such things, and he didn't believe to Vincent. The guys decided to bet one hundred bucks, and in order to prove this fact, Vincent will have to record a sex video using a hidden camera... Well, Vincent is really good in his job. He can do really amazing things. First he fucked the hot brunette with his fingers till she squirted, and then he started to fuck her in all possible positions and styles. Dodik lost the bet, but he has watched a video with a great pleasure. And he started to call his friend Doctor Squirt or Doc. And this thought has stuck deeply in Vincent's head.

Horny Doc brings heavenly pleasure to the beautiful women, taking some payment for his unusual service. He knows the methods of how to use his skills and some extra vibro-massaging device to get the desirable result for sure. The sexy women have never experienced such powerful orgasms before - they squirt and cum and beg for more. None of the stunning girls leaves unsatisfied. They will come back to him for sure, and will advice their friends how to get their portion of unbelievable satisfaction.